Thursday, October 13, 2011

Possible Harsh Harvest Looms for Xinjiang Cotton Growers

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If you drive around Shihezi now, cotton harvest time, you will probably notice that the cotton fields look as if snow has just fallen.

However, the fields should also be filled with people picking cotton. In a few years machines will do much of the work but until then harvesting requires thousands of workers.

“I’ve been desperately looking for migrant cotton pickers at the railway and bus stations, but in vain,” cotton farmer Li Chunsheng said in September. On Sunday, he said nothing had changed.

Li, 53, cultivates four hectares of cotton in Manas county, Changji Hui autonomous prefecture. The county, about 17 kilometers from Shihezi, is the key production area for first-rate cotton in the northern part of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

The seasonal pickers “ask for higher pay this year, while the cotton price is lower than last year. We can’t make ends meet”, he said.

Harsh Harvest Looms for Xinjiang Cotton Growers

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