Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scottish Success Celebrating Employee Owned Companies

Dynamic employee owned organisations were recognised at an awards ceremony with Scottish companies pulling off a unique double.

The UK Phillip Baxendale Awards showcased the very best in British employee ownership and the Scottish winners show the growing popularity of the business model.

The night saw wins for two vibrant Scottish businesses where employees have a real stake in their place of work.

Dick Philbrick, managing director of engineering firm Clansman Dynamics, was awarded the “Outstanding Leadership Award” for the inspirational role he has played at the head of that company, and the clear productivity gains since becoming employee owned.

Michelle Quadrelli of technical textile manufacturer Scott and Fyfe received the “Employee Innovation” award for the exciting marketing tools she has developed to engage with staff as the business undertakes its journey to employee ownership.

Dick Philbrick also chairs the Advisory Board of Co-operative Development Scotland – the agency responsible for growing employee owned businesses in Scotland.

He said: “I’m accepting this on behalf of all of my colleagues at Clansman Dynamics. The employees have worked hard, and risen to the challenge of owning their company. They have all played their part in the exciting journey we are on, and have all contributed to our success.”

Sarah Deas, chief executive of Co-operative Development Scotland, who is recognised as being the catalyst for the surge in interest in employee ownership and collaborative models in Scotland, was Highly Commended in the category of ‘Voice of Employee Ownership.’

Deas added: “What these awards show is that we are gaining real traction in the business community when it comes to making the case for employee ownership. Not only do firms benefit from an increase in staff morale but the evidence clearly points to a rise in productivity.”

Margaret Paterson, manager of Dumfries and Galloway home care company, Stewartry Care, was Highly Commended in the Leadership Award. Dyce based Woollard & Henry was also recognised with a Highly Commended award for Productivity and Profitability.

The Awards are co-organised by the Employee Ownership Association and Baxi Partnership. Peter Stocks, chief executive of the Baxi Partnership, said: “This year’s awards offer us a catwalk of high-performing businesses that are using their employee owned model as to drive their success. These exemplar organisations delivering to both public and private sectors show us the best of British innovation and workforce passion.

“It has been an incredibly exciting twelve months for the employee ownership sector, and given the potential in our growing sector the best is yet to come.”
About CDS
Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS) is a Scottish Enterprise subsidiary, established to help companies grow by setting up consortium or employee-owned businesses. It works in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
An employee-owned business is one in which the employees hold the majority of the shares either directly or through an employee benefit trust. EO gives employees a meaningful stake in their organisation together with a genuine say in how it is run.
Employee owned businesses account for a combined annual turnover in excess of £30 billion in the UK, more than two per cent of GDP and growing.
2012 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC). For further information on CDS see or call on 0141 951 3055. Follow CDS on Twitter at!/cdscotland
About The Baxi Partnership
Baxi Partnership is a dynamic, successful employee owned company. We operate across a range of sectors, including an advisory service that helps other organisations to become owned by their employees. The mission of the Baxi Partnership is to support the growth of strong, sustainable mutual and employee ownership.
Our first-hand experience in supporting public and private sector organisations for over 12 years shows time and again that giving employees a significant stake in the enterprise they work for, and real participation in how that enterprise is run, produces a significant lift in employee motivation from which follow a series of benefits that drive superior performance.
To find out more about Baxi Partnership, please visit our website at

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