Saturday, October 19, 2013

Interlock Fabric and Jersey Fabrics

What is the difference between interlock fabric and jersey fabric?

Interlock is a special type of eight-lock knit cloth, but is generally described as a double 1x1 rib with crossed sinker wales.  The fabric has a smooth surface on both sides, possess good wearing qualities.  Has less elasticity than ribs and does not develop prominent ribs when stretched in the horizontal direction.  Fancy fabrics in this category are made with color arrangements, needle set-out, tucking, and combinations of the foregoing.  Used in sweaters, underwear and more.

Jersey fabric is a plain stitch knitted cloth in contrast to rib-knitted fabric.  Material may be made circular, flat or warp knitted; the latter type jersey is sometimes known as tricot.  Used in dressgoods, sportswear, underwear, and often for t-shirts.  This fabric gives good service and launders very well.  Jersey is a very popular staple fabric.  Some fabric of this name is woven, but it is more often a knit.

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