Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kersey Cloth is Not Jersey

Is Kersey a typo for Jersey Fabric?

No, it is an entirely different cloth.  Kersey originated in Kersey, near Hadleigh, Suffolk County, England.  The present kersey cloth is heavily fulled or milled and made of woolen yarn, has a high lustrous nap and a “grain” face.  In Southern districts of this country there is a cheap type of clot this is a “Union” but is sold as kersey.  Kersey when compared with beaver is fulled more, has a shorter nap and a higher luster.  The weight of the cloth typically runs from fourteen to twenty-four ounces per yard.  Face finish weaves have to be used so that the ultimate finish will be acceptable.  Cloth gives good wear and is of the dressy, conventional type.  Found in blues, browns, blacks, and other popular shades.

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